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Medical Marijuana

Since 2014, a diversity of patients seen at the PRAXIS Holistic Health centre and auxiliary clinics report using dried cannabis and preparations to relieve pain from spinal injuries, osteoarthritis, migraines; psychological distress from trauma, depression, anxiety, and sleep issues; and inflammation. Improving concentration and academic ability. (with parental consent) and older patients for whom it is an effective addiction cessation support and antiemetic.

In combination with positive habits and lifestyle improvements, cannabis can be a helpful tool for managing symptoms. By focusing on healthy foods, exercising, being in nature, and spending an hour a day learning a new skill, you will.

Improve your wellbeing with a growing network of quality Licensed Producers with dried cannabis and pressed oil. ACMPR-licensed patients obtain legal medical exemption from the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act and are authorized a grams per day license.


How To Access Medical Cannabis Through the ACMPR

1. See Your Doctor

Our doctor will advise you on medical and legal matters of cannabis in a holistic care context.

2. Register With Producer

Or two. Register with Health Canada if cultivating for personal medical use.

3. Order Your Medicine

Explore an assortment of medical-grade dried herbs and oils delivered to your door.

In Health Canada’s Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR), only licensed healthcare practitioners authorize access to a government-regulated network of commercial medical cannabis growers. Once you are issued a Medical Document to Authorize Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes by your doctor which specifies your maximum grams per day, register with the Licensed Producer of your choice. Within 1 week you are verified and may order medical cannabis products you find most helpful for managing your condition for delivery to your residence.

Licensed Producers (LPs) are companies which have been approved by Health Canada to grow, process, and sell cannabis to patients eligible under the ACMPR program. We are proud to recommend that our patients view the objective and always up-to-date list of LPs on Health Canada’s website and research the companies they are interested in.

6 Sample Questions To Ask The LP You’re Considering

  1. How do the products advertised on your website reflect stock that is ready to ship?
  2. Are your products Organic? No chemical fertilizer or irradiation?
  3. How do you forecast supply of Variety X over the next 3-6 months?
  4. How have you dealt with product shortages?
  5. What process do you use to recommend varieties?
  6. Do you have a protocol in place to alert patients and doctors to any issues of: low stock, crop contamination, discontinued products, and new products?


The premium service we offer Toronto and surrounding area is compassionate, discreet, Health Canada-compliant ACMPR authorizations for medical cannabis. Please be advised there are non-insured costs associated with an authorization.

For all patients, we require basic medical documentation from another licensed healthcare provider describing your condition: a hospital report, lab result summary, or letter about your chronic condition.

Contact Us if you are interested in an appointment with our Medical Director, Dr. Henry Moller.


Medical Cannabis Safety & Responsibility


Above all, patients are responsible for keeping their medical cannabis private and secure. “Cannabis, its preparations, and derivatives” remain a Schedule II Controlled Drug and Substance in Canada and abroad, and enforcement varies by region.

Physicians generally agree that cannabis may distort perception of vision, sound, time, taste, and touch; may impair memory, learning, coordination, and problem-solving ability; may reduce blood pressure; may increase heart rate, anxiety, fear, distrust, or panic; and may correlate with mental illness such as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

Smoking cannabis may contribute to pulmonary infections and respiratory cancer, and may damage the cells in the bronchial passages which protect the body against inhaled microorganisms, and the lungs’ immune cells’ ability to fight off fungi, bacteria, and tumour cells.

All of these risks may be compounded by the user’s preexisting condition and lack of uniformity among available cannabis products, even with identical labeled variety/strain name. Your physician should be able to answer any questions you have about these risks.


The Oil Option

ACMPR patients may now purchase cannabis in oil and capsule formats from some Licensed Producers. Orally dosed cannabis is produced in different THC:CBD concentrations; coconut, olive, hempseed, or MCT oils; bottle sizes and other preparations like gelcaps and decarboxylated powder capsules. You can view which Licensed Producers sell these products on Health Canada’s list of Licensed Producers under “Licence type (fresh / oil).”

It is possible to make medicated edibles, oils, teas, and tinctures in your kitchen with dried cannabis. The production of solvent-based extractions remains prohibited. Come to one of our Cannabis Cooking Workshops to learn more!

Whether you purchase it prepared or produce it yourself, consuming cannabis medicine orally is likely a more reliable and less harmful component of an optimal medical regimen.


Personal Cultivation Licenses

Health Canada ACMPR legislation reintroduces provisions for personal medical production and designation which were repealed in 2014. Although growing medical grade cannabis is not a venture for most users, PRAXIS Holistic Health provides cultivation authorization where supported. The number of plants authorized varies by indoor/outdoor production and is determined by the Plant and storage limit calculator.

Complete Health Canada’s Production for Own Medical Purposes and Production by a Designated Person Registration Form and bring it to your consultation. Our experienced medical team can provide guidance before you mail it to Health Canada with the Medical Document.


The content on this page is not legal advice nor does it substitute a consultation with an accredited medical practitioner.

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