Medical Cannabis

PRAXIS Holistic Health supports Canadians seeking cannabis for medical purposes through assessment, education and licensing by trained professionals with experience in the field.

Cannabis For Medical Purposes

Amidst legalization for recreational purposes in Canada, federal ACMPR legislation remains in effect. This program recognizes a therapeutic use of cannabis to treat sleep disorders, anxiety and mood disorders, inflammation, pain including injuries, cancer effects and epileptic seizures. Certain formulations and varieties may have superior effects for your specific condition. Medical Doctors specialized in cannabinoid medicine are in the best position to advise you further.

Getting Your License

Pending assessment and approval, a Medical Doctor will authorize you to purchase cannabis from a Licensed Producer. Licensed Producers are companies which have been approved by Health Canada to grow and sell tested dried cannabis and derived products to registered patients. Alternative licensing is available for patients who choose to cultivate their own medical supply.

Ordering Cannabis Online

Registration with a Licensed Producer of your choice will allow you to order medical cannabis from their online store, shipped to you within days. Registered patients are permitted to order 30 times their authorized max grams per day each month from their Licensed Producer. Receipts can be used as a medical expense for tax purposes.


It is generally agreed vaporizing and orally ingesting cannabis products is safer than smoking dried plant matter. It is not safe to operate a motor vehicle or heavy machinery while impaired by any psychoactive substance. It is not recommended to use cannabis while pregnant or with a history of psychosis.

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The experienced medical team at PRAXIS holistic health has a decade of experience in cannabis medicine and legal issues.