Medical Cannabis FAQ

Getting Your License

You must permanently reside in Canada. Parental consent is required for patients under the age of 25. Health Canada’s Information for Health Care Professionals: Cannabis (marihuana, marijuana) and the cannabinoids reviews many potential therapeutic uses of cannabis. Your eligibility is determined by each physician’s judgement.
No, we will consider your medical situation within our physician’s scope of experience, education, and practice.
The “maximum grams per day” on your medical document is calculated based on your prior level of experience using cannabis and your preferred method of use.
We issue a 180-day authorization with an additional 180 days included at followup, where we can adjust your dosage or Licensed Producer.
Check Health Canada’s list of Licensed Producers for Cultivation and Sale (and Production and Sale of oils). Research news, reviews, and the websites of the producers you are considering. Call them up and ask them some questions. Or we can guide you at our clinic.
Your valid Ontario Health card, documentation regarding your condition, and your non-OHIP fee payment. Send me the Patient Assessment Form!

Using Your License

There is a floating possession limit of 30 times your grams per day, but there is an absolute limit of 150 grams.

For example, 3 grams per day provides a 90 g possession limit.

Although 6 grams per day would appear to provide a 180 g limit, one may possess no more than 150 grams.

Licensed Producers can ship your monthly limit however we caution patients to not break the absolute possession limit of 150 grams.
Keep your medicine in your Licensed Producer containers because they are labeled with your medical information. In the event of law enforcement discovery, your authorization status is verified directly with the Licensed Producer using the label.

For patients traveling outside of Canada’s borders, temporary use pharmaceutical cannabinoids can be a helpful way to remain complaint with International laws.

Dispensaries and mail order services not licensed to sell cannabis as a Licensed Producer are illegal. Registering with one does not complete your license.
This is an incomplete license. Licensed Producers and Health Canada finalize your license you once they process your Medical Document.

Using Your Medicine

Inhale as little tar as possible from burning plant matter. This can be accomplished though water filtration, vapourization (which releases the active cannabinoids short of burning) or using extractions/preparations (for intermediate to experienced cannabis users.)

Cannabis oils should allow for more precision once patients titrate properly.

We will provide you with advice on this during your consultation. Because cannabis is a complex organism with standardization ongoing, and varieties can have highly individualized effects, we usually advise our patients to order a selection the first time.
On July 31, 2015, Health Canada approved two Licensed Producers for cannabis oil production. You can now view the rest of the oil-licensed LPs on Health Canada’s up-to-date list.

With care and patience, you can make medicated edibles, cooking oils, teas, and tinctures in your kitchen with dried cannabis, however, patients are still prohibited from producing solvent-based extractions.


If you experienced a non-standard reaction to cannabis from your licensed producer, let us know. You should also contact your licensed producer and Health Canada directly.
Long processing times are standard for patients seeking to cultivate. Friendly inquiries to the ACMPR office are invited.
We transmit your Medical Document the day of your consultation. Producers may take 2-7 business days to process your registration.
Submit feedback. We may be able to advocate on your behalf or reissue your Medical Document to switch licensed producers.

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