The PRAXIS Difference

Holistic – Experience a sophisticated variety of safe and effective treatment options beyond prescriptions and hospitals.

Compassionate – Creative, productive, and responsible lifestyles are celebrated and nurtured at PRAXIS Holistic Health.

Independent – Truly personalized modern medicine requires an open and objective discussion of all available solutions.

OUR MISSION: Transform illness to wellness for a stronger Canada.

PRAXIS Holistic Health opened Summer 2014 at Carlaw & Danforth in Toronto, Ontario to provide integrative health consultations, enhanced access to Canada’s federally-regulated Medical Cannabis/MMPR system, unique Medically-Supervised Meditation experiences, and monthly workshops on topics requested by patients. Dr. Henry Möller, MD, MSc, MPP, FRCPC, Diplomate, American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine and the PRAXIS organization blends diverse theories with practical experience to inform the development of our custom medical record app, Wellpad© and new Virtual Reality Relaxation programs.